What is MEALinONE?

MEALinONE is a new form of nutrition. It’s a lactose, soy and gluten free drink that instantly mixes with water for a perfectly balanced meal replacement, or on-the-go snack. It gives you the security of 100% nutrition in a shake that is quick, tasty and complete.

What is MEALinONE made from?

MEALinONE is a powder blend of macro- and micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It meets 100% of your daily nutritional needs (based on FDA, WHO and European Food Safety Authority recommendations for daily nutrition). MEALinONE is only made with the best ingredients available.

Is MEALinONE clean?

MEALinONE contains nothing you do not need (no added sugar, no chemical additives, non GMO, no pesticides etc.). It’s a lactose, soy and gluten free drink.

Is MEALinONE suitable for vegans

Yes, all ingredients are sourced from plants.

How to use MEALinONE?

To prepare one meal: Mix one package with 350ml of cold water or in case of a savory taste with 450ml of hot water. Shake contents for 10 seconds or more and your meal is ready for consumption.

Can I live on only MEALinONE?

MEALinONE provides your body with all needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals (EFSA, FDA, WHO recommendations). We do not advise anybody to live completely on MEALinONE for long periods of time.

Is MEALinONE certified?

Yes, all the ingredients are approved and meet the requirements for food brought into the EU Regulations. MEALinONE is made in the Netherlands with local and imported ingredients. The Dutch facility where MEALinONE is prepared complies with the strictest rules and hygiene requirements (HACCP, ISO 22000 and GMP conditions).

For who is MEALinONE?

Almost everyone. MEALinONE is designed for the average adult person. If you have special dietary restrictions or needs, we recommend talking to your physician before consuming MEALinONE on a regular basis.

Also for children?

MEALinONE does not contain ingredients that are unsuitable for children, but the dose of vitamins and minerals is geared to adults. Hence the advice to children between 12 and 18 years old to drink no more than one shake a day.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding?

Many doctors, hospitals and the Nutrition Center recommended additional nutrients for pregnant women and lactating women.

MEALinONE is eating a combination of common ingredients in all kinds of food. Think of vitamins and minerals, protein and fiber. So, there is nothing strange in. If you can eat from the grocery store without restrictions, you can also use MEALinONE.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend to consult first with your doctor.