Do you recognize yourself in one of these lines?

“I want to eat healthier without effort or struggle!”

“I have no time to shop or to cook, but I do not want to eat unhealthy fastfood!”

“I want to make sure I get all nutrition I need!”

“I want an easy way to keep track of my diet and calories!”

“I want that my food is safe!”

“I am very often on the go and I look for an easy to transport and easy to make healthy meal!”

“I want to always have healthy food in stock, you never know what happens!”

Then this is the food you are looking for!


contains everything you need (according to EU directives)

contains nothing you do not need (no added sugar, no chemical additives, non GMO, no pesticides etc.)

complete nutrition, it is no longer necessary to take supplements (saving you a lot of money)

completely vegetarian and lactose free

innovative composition and therefore very easily digestible

really delicious in taste

not only sweet: also savory versions!

very easy to make and packed per meal

long shelf life, small footprint

safely produced in The Netherlands