Do you recognize yourself in one of these lines?

“I want to eat healthier without effort or struggle!”

“I have no time to shop or to cook, but I do not want to eat unhealthy fastfood!”

“I want to make sure I get all nutrition I need!”

“I want an easy way to keep track of my diet and calories!”

“I want that my food is safe!”

“I am very often on the go and I look for an easy to transport and easy to make healthy meal!”

“I want to always have healthy food in stock, you never know what happens!”


Then this is the food you are looking for!


contains everything you need (according to EU directives)

contains nothing you do not need (no added sugar, no chemical additives, non GMO, no pesticides etc.)

complete nutrition, it is no longer necessary to take supplements (saving you a lot of money)

completely vegetarian and lactose free

innovative composition and therefore very easily digestible

really delicious in taste

not only sweet: also savory versions!

very easy to make and packed per meal

long shelf life, small footprint

safely produced in The Netherlands


Who we are

We are a Dutch company, since 2014 engaged in developing innovative and tasty food and supplements products, with a specific focus on improving health and healthy eating behavior. We work with experienced Dutch production partners and fulfillment centers. Our products are marketed in other countries through various international partners.

What we think

“We eat too much and too unhealthy, while our bodies suffer from a shortage of important nutrients. We are prepared to spend less and less time on buying groceries and cooking a decent meal. A lot of the food we eat is full of unhealthy substances. We grow too fat and become prey to illnesses that are caused by a lack of the right nutrients”.

What we go for

“Our food should be our medicine; our medicine should be our food” (Hypocrates).

Our aim is to bring food products to the market to make people able to create or maintain their own health!


Getting everything your body needs is not easy. Your body needs certain amounts of nutrients per day to be able to function at an optimal level.

MEALinONE is a new form of nutrition. It’s a powder blend of macro- and micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals. It consists of 100% of our daily nutritional needs (based on FDA, WHO and European Food Safety Authority recommendations for daily nutrition).

MEALinONE is made from the best available ingredients. We produce in the Netherlands under highest worldwide quality standards: HACCP, ISO 22000 and GMP.

All ingredients are completely vegan.  MEALinONE is a lactose, soy and gluten free drink that instantly mixes with water for a perfectly balanced meal replacement, or on-the-go snack.

MEALinONE is not only perfectly formulated to our daily nutritional needs but is also optimally absorbed by using Micro-encapsulation technology. This makes MEALinONE one of the most optimal nutritional products in the world today.

MEALinONE offers a tasty shake that provides a nutritionally complete meal which takes little effort to prepare. You can feel secure in knowing that your body is getting everything it needs! No need for buying additional (expensive) supplements!

Drinking MEALinONE gives an immediate boost, taking away your hunger and giving you the necessary energy to go about your day. By using slow-release carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, this level of energy and feeling of satiation remains constant for hours!